Black Star Operations as of 02/15/2021 10:30 am CST

02/15/2021 10:30 am CST
Due to the extreme and unusual weather conditions, Black Star is currently operating at limited capacity.  As you are aware, Texas temperatures are at record lows and roads are covered with snow and ice and our road crews are not prepared for this type of environment.  Many people are without electricity and/or water and other areas are experiencing rolling blackouts due to the energy demand. 

Customer Service – We have limited customer service availability.  We are experiencing rolling blackouts/loss of electricity in some areas and dangerous road conditions for many employees.  At present we have approximately 5 Customer Service Agents answering calls and taking orders.

Warehouses – Closed.  Due to weather conditions, UPS is not running pick up or delivery for our warehouses today.  UPS will notify us tomorrow morning of their status.  Our Coppell warehouse is currently without electricity and many employees have not been able to make it in.  Our Decatur warehouse is closed also.

B2B – Our B2B is still available to place orders and we will process them and ship them as soon as our resources allow. 

We are mindful that these challenges are being faced across the country today and in the days to come.  We pray that all will stay safe during this time.