OUR STORY Take the long road.


Take the long road.

For the cowboy spirit.

Black Star was born from the desire to create well crafted, high-quality western boots for those with a cowboy spirit. Remarked for strength, skill, and discipline, those with a cowboy spirit know there is no shortcut when it comes to mastering a trade. We believe in taking the long road, no matter how the rugged path.

 Those who walked before us.

Those who walked before us.

Traditional western boots were originally designed in 16th century to be worn on horseback. Originally handmade in a variety of profiles with distinct accoutrements, western boots were tailored to the lifestyle, geographic terrain, and craftsman. Since then, many makers have brought to life their interpretation of the perfect boot. We are proud to release our collection of western boots that honors those who came before us, with a hint today’s fashion influences.

Our word means quality.

Since its inception, Black Star has been producing high-quality western boots in Mexico. With Mexico’s longstanding history of artistry, skilled craftsmen with decades of experience construct our boots with knowledge that spans generations. This collection honors long standing production techniques with premium materials and classic silhouettes.

Comfort for the ride.

We believe you should feel as good as you look. Every pair of the Black Star collection features CellSole® footbeds that utilize patented cell comfort technology, giving unparalleled comfort for a traditional western boot in the industry. For all day and into the night comfort, Black Star boots are built for taking the long road.